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      Blueberry Sugar

      Fresh blueberries and pure can sugar. It’s terrific flavor and beautiful color will provide an eye-catching contrast to ice cream, salads, and light colored desserts as well as a striking rim on your cocktail glass.


    • Habanero Sugar

      The fiery, lingering, fruity heat of habanero chiles mingled with pure cane sugar is perfect for adding that extra kick along with a little sweetness.  Excellent as a rimming sugar for margaritas or mojitos.  It also pairs well with chocolate, seafood, and fruit salads.


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      Raspberry Sugar

      With its bright, beautiful color and taste of summer flavor, our raspberry sugar is a perfect topping for desserts, appetizers, salads, or for rimming cocktail glasses.



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      Strawberry Sugar

      The essence of summer available all year.  With a striking red color and luscious taste, strawberry sugar is ideal as a topping on desserts, salads, and candies, as well as the rim of your daiquiri or margarita.



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      Tahitian Vanilla Sugar

      The rich flowery flavor of Tahitian Vanilla combined with pure cane sugar.  An excellent addition to tea, coffee, desserts, and even savory sauces.


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