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mexican cooking

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      Adobo Seco ~ Certified Organic

      Adobo Seco meaning , “Adobo Dry” comes from the food culture of the Caribbean Islands. This seasoning salt is sprinkled or rubbed liberally on meats, fish or poultry before cooking.


      Sea Salt, Annatto, Onion, Oregano, Pepper, Cumin, Cilantro, Coriander, Paprika, Chile, Turmeric, Orange, Lemon, Lime.

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      Red Rock ~ Organic

      The deep flavors from the Mexican Cuisine in the Southwest. This blend is excellent for salsa, taco and soups. Let you imagination explore.


      Ingredients: Oregano, Chile Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Mexican Oregano, Chipotle, Ancho, Coriander, Pepper


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