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Ghost Pepper

    • original

      Ghost Chiles

      880,000 to 1,014,000 Scoville Units

      Also known as the Bhut Jolokia or Naga Morich, the Ghost Pepper is similar in appearance to the Habanero but is 2-3 times as hot. With an intense flavor and insane heat, this chile can hurt you. Wear gloves, hold at a distance, and don’t touch anything you might regret.  Enjoy…cautiously.


    • original

      Ghost Pepper Salt

      Made from pure sea salt and the infamous Bhut Jolokia pepper (Ghost Chile), this is sure to add some spice to whatever you decide to sprinkle it on. While the Ghost Pepper has measured in excess of 1 million Scoville units, this salt has great flavor in addition to great heat.

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